About RCS Broadcast
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About RCS Broadcast

RCS Broadcast, LLC is owned by Dick Scott, a contract Broadcast System Design Engineer. He has over 40 years experience designing, installing and maintaining broadcast television systems. He has designed over 65 MCR's, both analog and digital, for Paxson Communications as well as numerous other analog, SD and HD facilities. He designed the digital upgrades for WBRA, WVPT, WVIR and WNED. He has experience designing digital SD/HD MCR's, TOC's and Production Control Rooms. He has also designed MPEG encoding systems to feed digital microwave units, satellite uplink transmitters and digital television transmitters. He holds an FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (formerly First Class License), SBE CBT Certification and an FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio License. He is a member of SBE, SMPTE and PMI.


Contact Information:

Dick Scott

Phone: 770-362-5770

E-mail: dscott@rcsbroadcast.com

WEB: www.rcsbroadcast.com



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